CARON Products has been “Opening Door For Scientist” since last 35 years by introducing products with cutting edge technologies be it CO2 Incubator, Stability chamber or sterilization modules for various chambers in cell culture experiments.

CARON with a client base of >5000 in 90+ countries and multiple patent and patented products to its credit have been catering the scientific community in Cell and Gene Therapy, Plant Research and Stability studies.

Key Innovation at CARON Products:

Gel Jacket CO2 Incubator:

Caron’s patented GelJacket™ thermal gel provides all the uninterruptable temperature stability advantages of a traditional Water Jacketed incubator, with none of the maintenance issues inherent to that technology. Sealed into the chamber for the life of the unit, and with several times the heat retention capability of water, thermal gel provides a light and effective method of incubator thermal protection.

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H2O2 Dry Sterilization/Decontamination System gFOG:

Caron’s patent-pending “dry” vaporized hydrogen peroxide chamber 12-log reduction sterilization system avoids the long wait time, unit stresses, high power consumption, and environmental (heat) issues of high heat sterilization, and the manual cleanup required for competing “wet” H2O2 cycles.

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Precise Humidity Control:

CARON’s gVapour uses unique atomiser method of humidification where under pressure water is converted into vapour to create humidity. The control is regulated via sensor and microprocessor. Unlike conventional method of humidification it does not involves keeping water pan inside or dropping water on heated surface which may generate aerosol.