About Us

We care for your Science


We innovate with knowledge for doing Science better.

Values: WE CARE

• We care about our customers by giving appropriate quality solutions and services.

• We care about our team by maintaining “Respect of Individual”, “Investing in their Knowledge (Technical and Life Skills), and being “Fair in Policies”.

• We care about our stakeholders by being “Fair, Honest and Transparent” in our Conduct.

Idea (to create something new), Innovation (to see things differently) and Integrity (a shared value) brought two friends together to conceptualize AIB Life Science (ALS) in the year 2013. Over the span of this 7 years ALS has grown from a young start up to a fast-growing enterprise in all the parameter be it Revenue (~ 150% YoY), Brand association (~20 Brands), Installation (~200), Researcher (>750) and coverage of territory (5 states).

We at ALS always endeavour to understand our customer’s science and scientific needs to ensure solution to foster pace with better results. Working on distributor model we focus on monitoring scientific trend and making these solutions widely available to the institutional and commercial Researchers to serve these trends.

These solutions come from the world’s leading brand in their categories like Labconco, Eppendorf, Foss Analytics, Bruker, Thermo Fischer, Beckman Coulter etc to name a few.

The products from these trusted brands includes Lyophilizers, Centrifuge, X-ray Diffraction, Chromatography, Nutrient Analyzer, Flow Cytometer, ovens, Shaker, Incubators, Glassware, Plasticware and Chemicals. With these wide range of products, we have been able to cater the various domain of research like Cell Culture (be it microbial, Plant or Animal cell), Analytical Research, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Forensic Science and Molecular Genetics.

With our “Glocal”(Think Global Act Local) approach we have spread from a small city in Bihar to five states in India catering all sets of customers be it Institutional or Biopharma or Human/Animal healthcare, Feed Industry or Food Processing and Principal from across Globe. And we strive to reach every city on this earth with our solution for science.

We commit to earn the trust of our clients (user/non user) and establishing relationship which last forever irrespective of the domain or place they work.