Glassco Laboratory Glassware are manufactured with European quality Glass tubes which passes through stringent quality control check. These glasswaeres are manufactured by ISO/ASTM/USP & NABL standards. These glasswares are made with highly advance and precision machines. All the measuring glasswares are of two type – A and B. Type A are of higher precision compared to Type B. All Volumetric Flasks are with QR code which on scan can give all the details of glassware including the option to download the certificate in order to work paperless.

Below are the sets of Glassware being manufactured by Glassco.

  • Low Form and Tall Form Beaker // Measuring Cylinder //
  • Erlynmere Flask // Conical Flask // Volumetric Flask // Round Bottom Flask
  • Reagent Bottles // BOD Bottles // Wide Mouth Bottles
  • Petri Dishes // Plain and Vacuum Dessicators // Crucible
  • Round bottom Tubes // Test Tubes // Culture Tubes // Disposable Glass Tubes //
  • Joints // Adapters // Stoppers // Stop Cock
  • Burettes // Columns // Condenser // Extraction Apparatus // Vials
  • Buchner Funnel // Dropping Funnel // Squib Funnel // Gilson Funnel
  • Serological Pipettes // Bohr’s Pipettes // Milk Pipettes

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