Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Bigneat’s VLF range of Laminar Flow Cabinet has been specifically designed to be affordable yet to provide particle-free, bacteria-free, clean air conditions to the work area at a quality standard usually only possible in more expensive cabinets. There is Lighting from a fluorescent white light included which aids the internal brightness and comfort for the operator.

VLF Laminar Flow Cabinets operate to comply with the guidelines of ISO 14644 – 1:1999 Class 5 (Fed. Standard 209E:1992 Class 100), to provide sterile working environment and air velocity at filter face of 0.45 ms-1. For aseptic techniques and procedures requiring clean air – sample/process protection.

A cabinet may be positioned on an existing bench or can be supplied as a free standing system on a supporting static stand with adjustable height feet.

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