Freeze Dryer

Labconco Freeze Dryers (Lyophilizers) are designed to handle the lyophilisation need of research and pilot plan laboratories. Labconco Freeze Dryer models are designed to handle the sample of various nature of temperature range be it -500C, -850C and -1050C. The design range from Mobile to Console model and capacity from basic 2.5 Liter lab scale to 18 liter pilot scale.

Unique Features:

  • Multiple Flexible Drying accessories to work with various option and application.
  • Moisture Sensor to prevent start of the vacuum if moisture is present in collector coil thus saves the life of vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum Break Valve as a safety mechanism for vacuum pump and your sample in case of recurrent interuupted power supply.
  • Hot Gas defrost models.
  • Full color, 5″ capacitive touchscreen with Lyo-Works™ OS for real time display of all the parameter.
  • Provision of end point detection system with optional End-Zone™ accessories.
  • Labconco Brand Freeze Dryer compliant Vacuum Pump.
  • More than 1000 installation in India.



Long term storage of microbial sample, removal of water or other organic/inorganic solvent from the sample. Agriculture, Microbiology, Oceanography, Biotechnology, Long term storage or preservation of Food items.

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