Fume Hood and Enclosure

Fume Hood
Enclosures are the cabinet where a specific types of works are performed and for that specific work a suitable cabinet are designed. Labconco has below Enclosures which are widely used by our customers.

Labconco offers a wide range of Fume Hood of almost all application be it light duty fume hood or an enclosure for very toxic and hazardous chemical application. In terms of sizes we have bechtop fume hood to standalone complete Fumehood to Floor mounted fume hoods in all sizes in terms of capacity for working one or more person or width of the hood.

In terms of application we have general purpose chemistry Fume hood, Protector Pass through hood, ventilation station, Demonstrator hood, Air filtered, Echo filtered hood, PVC/Stainless Steel Acid digestion hood as well as Perchloric Acid hoods.

Glove Box
A laboratory glove box is a securely sealed container box that has openings on the same or opposite sides with attached gloves that allows the operator to work inside the isolated environment.

Labconco manufacture typically two type of Glove Box viz, Controlled Atmosphere and Filtered Gloves Box. Combination Gloves box are the one which has the capability to function as both Controlled Atmosphere as well as Filtered Glove Box.

There are two version of Labconco Glove Box for both these type, one is Protector Gloves box and other Precise Gloves Box. Protector Glove Box are made up of Stainless Steel whereas Precise model are made up of Polyethylene lined material.

Balance, Bulk Powder and Equipment enclosure
These are the Class I Biosafety Cabinet specially designed to provide protection to user from air borne powder and particulate.

Labconco has specially designed enclosure for keeping weighing Balance, PCR equipment or any other equipment that need to be placed inside the clean environment or while dealing with Bulk powder which can not be worked in any open environment

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