Gel Documentation

Eppendorf in association with Vilber Lourmat, France represent their entire range of UV instrument and Software in India. With over 60 years of experience Vilber Lourmat has range of UV instrument starting from Gel Documentation System, Chemi Luminescence, UV Transilluminator, Western Blot and TLC systems.

Being one of the most innovative companies, Vilber Lourmat was the first to introduce – Microprocessor controlled Cross linkers, Stand alone Gel Doc system, Bright Chemi- luminescence imager. Below are the ranges of Instruments from Vilber Lourmat.

Gel Documentation System: Vilber Lourmat has multiple variants in Gel Documentation System be it , Stand alone ( E – Box ) who has in built Touch screen display for all the control work and thus does not require any external PC. Or the full fledged system along with the Computer with software for high grade applications – Infinity CX 5, Quantum CX 5 and Bio Print CX 4. The systems have expandable UV transilluminator and various range of CCD cameras from low zoom to very high power zoom. Complete software package help you to carry our Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of Gel.

Vilber Chemi – Luminescence range starts from entry level Fusion Solo X which is a suitable for basic chemi- luminescence work to new generation advance Fusion FX for Chemiluminescence, Bioluminescence and upgradable Fluorescence imaging study. It comes with Bio 1D advance software which helps in Quantitative and Qualitative analysis.

Other UV Instrument range of Vilber includes the UV Transilluminator, UV lamps, UV irradiation System, UV Crosslinkers, UV radiometers and UV replacement Tubes.

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