Shaker Incubator

Shaker Incubator are the controlled environment where one can control the parameter like Temperature, Shaking, CO2 and Humidity and Light source as well. There are four models of shaker Incubator of Kuhner which can be used based on the requirement.

The smaller LTX are the small foot print shaker Incubator with all kuhner technology as well as other standard feature of Shaker Incubator. It can accommodate the flask of capacity of 6 liter. Two unit of LTX machine can be stacked without any stacking unit.

The bigger Climo Shaker ISF1-X are the bigger machine and suitable for production facility. Three unit of such shaker Incubator can be stacked without using any stacking kit.

The new Peltier based model ISF1-Z are updated and advance model which uses Peltier in place of compressor for refrigeration. It is designed specially for cell culture application with better Humidity Control.

The Larger Shaker Incubator ISF4-X high capacity and small foot print, one single incubator can accommodate upto four or five shaker inside with uniform temp, CO2 and Humidity control and independent shaking control. This offers a large capacity cell culture within a very small footprint.

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