Shaken Bioreactor

Orbital shaken bioreactor is a single-use bags bioreactor system for the cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells in a single-use bag. It consists of six modules (excluding the bag) and has a working volume from 4 litres up to 2000 litres.

This is one of its kind unique Bioreactor system in the world where the mixing takes places on shaken platform instead of conventional stirrer based mixing. Cells growing through the shaker system with shaker Incubator in flask finds the shaken Bioreactor as an astute system that they do not feel the stress that they feel while moving from shake based mixing to stirrer based mixing.

Model SB10-X is a bench top system with a working volume of 4 to 12 liter suitable for lab scale cultivation of cells. SB50-X is a suitable Pilot scale or Process Development Scale with a working volume from 15 to 50 liters. SB200-X is an ideal candidate for Production scale Bioreactor with working volume up to 200 Liters.

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