Eppendorf started making centrifuge since 1964 and revolutionized the life science research practice. Eppendorf centrifuge are well known for its creative design, innovative technology and reliable performance which last for long.

Eppendorf has range of centrifuge family for various application with broad range in terms of capacity.

All eppendorf centrifuge can be categorized into two type – Microcentrifuge as well as General Purpose heavy duty Centrifuge. These are further refrigerated as well as non refrigerated. Refrigerated centrifuge are used when you are working with heat sensitive sample otherwise non refrigerated are suitable.

Unique Features:

  • Broad range of rotor selection, be it Microtiter plate, or Centrifuge Tube (1.5 ml to 50 ml).
  • Aerosol tight rotors with Quick Lock® system with just 1/4 of a turn.
  • All centrifuge are with compact footprint design.
  • 5 quick access program and 50 user defined program.
  • Automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection.
  • Other features like – Soft brake, low noise, LCD display.

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Vacuum Concentrator:
Eppendorf Concentrator plus is designed to help in sample preparation for small volume sample be it DNA/RNA or nucleotide etc. The machine can be used standalone with your existing vacuum pump or can be supplied as complete system with integrated diaphragm oil free pump and with additional port.

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