Biological Safety Cabinet

Labconco is the most innovative company as far as Biosafety Cabinets are concern. They are “the best” in this category.

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet are the enclosures that provides personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous particulate and agent that require bio safety level 1,2 or 3 containment. In general there are only Type A2 and Type B2 cabinets in the market but Labconco has three of them with innovative and unique Type C1

Labconco Logic+ Purifer Class II, Type A2 are the biosafety cabinet which recirculate 70% of HEPA filtered air while 30% are passed through and exhaust HEPA filter to the lab or optional canopy.

Labconco Logic+ Class II, Type B2 are the biosafety cabinet which exhaust 100% of the HEPA Filtered air outside the lab through a hard ducted pathway. These are generally use for the substances that should not be released to the lab of closed environement.

Labconco Purifier Axiom Class II Type C1 is the first biological safety cabinet which can be used as a circulating Type A2 standard as well as can be connected to exhaust to work as Type B2 biosafety cabinet. Because of the efficient, well-defined airflow pattern over its work surface, the Axiom is safer and easier to operate than traditional biosafety cabinets. The Axiom is an R&D 100 Awards for Innovation Finalist.

Unique Features:

  • All the cabinets are having >99.99% efficient HEPA filtration.
  • Exceed NSF 49 demand for safety.
  • Electronically Commuted Motor with constant airflow profile monitoring makes is long lasting and quite in operation with unmatched safety of personnel, product and environment.
  • Line of sight display of all the parameter.
  • Real time filter life remaining bar graph for planned replacement of HEPA filter.
  • Display auto diagnostic to know the error and cause.
  • Fully stainless steel interior and some other unique features.

Cell Culture, Microbiology, Chemistry, Pathological work which demands to work with Microscope or Weighing balance inside the enclosure.

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