Cell Manipulation System

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Cell manipulation is critical in Human and animal assisted reproductive technology. These are very useful in development of genetically modified organism, injection into adherent cell and the study of embryo and small organism in early stage of development.

Eppendorf has been expert partner in cell manipulation for 30 years and it has tools which are specific for microbes as well as animal and human cell.

Eppendorf Eporator is a specially designed equipment for transformation of Bacteria, Yeas cell or other microbes through electroporation of DNA, RNA, Protein and other small molecule. Experimental data can also be exported and documented.

Micromanipulation and Microinjection in animal cell or human cell can be achieved by modular set of few machine like Transferman 4r, Injectman 4, Piezo expert, Femtojet, cell tram etc. Based on the cell type and experiment the set of instrument are selected. The typical application of these equipment are in Development of genetically modified organism using cytoplasmic injection (CRISPER), injection into embrayo, Stem cell transfer, Nuclear transfer, selection and isolation of cell for study, microinjection of microparticle, microdissection of chromosome etc.

Transferman 4r is used for holding or manipulation of suspension cell like oocyte or blastocyte and Injectman 4 is for micro injection of micro particle. Peizo expert is used for peizo assisted easy perforation of the cell for subsequent microinjection of manipulation. Femtojet is being used independently or through electronic coupling with Transferman and Injectman for transfer of small to intermediate volume whereas Cell Tram is for manual method of microinjection.

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