Water Purification System

Based on international nomenclature Lab water has been classified under three categories – Type III Water (RO Water), Type II Water (Pure water ) and Type I Water (Ultra Pure Water)

Type III Water or RO (Reverse Osmosis) water is the most basic form of water used in the lab for cleaning of glassware or autoclave or any other lab essential where water is used with moderate purity. RO water are produced by passing the Feed water through pre treatment module that removes the initial impurities and then it is passed through RO membrane to produce RO or Type III water.

Model – UltraClear RO Pure Water System

Type II Water or Pure water are the advance level of treated water where the ions are removed from the RO water. There are two methods of removing ions from water – DI (De-ionization) and EDI (Electro De-Ionization). DI water are produced by passing through a DI membrane which has less life compared to EDI module which has longer life and thus saves the overall cost of consumables of the machine. Type II water are used for general chemistry application like reagent preparation or media preparation or elementary lab research work.

Model – Labostart RO DI // UltraClear RO DI // UltraClear RO EDI.

As per ASTM [Type I water is the ultra pure water] with highest form of purity and typically used for Genomics research, Analytical application like ICP-MS, GCMS, LCMS, AAS etc. The Ultra Pure water can be produced by passing through the RO water or DI/EDI water through ultra purification catridge and UV oxidation.

Models – Labostar Pro and UltraClear TP.

Type I & III and Type I & II Combination Model

One of most suitable and highly acceptable lab scale water purification systems are the combination model where based on your requirement you can have two types of water. Either Ultra pure water with RO water when you have heavy requirement for lab scale general water and ultra pure water. Alternately you have another option when you need ultra pure water and pure water for general chemistry uses without ions.

Model – Labostar PRO TWF for Type I & III // Ultra Clear TP TWF DI/EDI for Type I and II

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