Kuhner is the world’s leading brand in Shaker when it comes to cell culture. Only company across the world who works on Magnetic Drive motors. The core technology around which the entire product portfolio of Kuhner works is “Shaking”.

Key Technology in Kuhner shakers are:

Magnetic Drive: Unlike any conventional shaker where the drive is made up of Belt and Pulley, all kuhner shakers are build upon Magnetic Drive with set of permanent magnet with no mechanical component. This ensures the least wear and tear and thus very suitable/apt for cell culture where long batches are run and interruption is not acceptable. The average life of these shakers are between 15 to 25 years.

Variable Throw Diameter: All kuhner’s shakers have inbuilt three throw diameter i.e. 12.5/25/50 mm and can go upto 70 mm on demand. Same machine with all these variable throw diameter ensures the optimum OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate) with the same machine with change in flask size as well.

Humidity Control: All Shaker Incubator of Kuhner has unique humidity control with both direction – Humidification and De-Humidification which is not possible in any machine in this world. In cell culture the precise control of humidity is key for the survival of cell.

Peltier method of Heating and Cooling: Recently Kuhner has developed the peltier based heating and cooling this avoids any compressor with refrigerants which further affects our environment.