Fluorometer and Fluorocam

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Fluorometer are the devices which measures the photosynthetic activity by analyzing chlorophyll fluorescence. Double-Modulation Fluorometer FL 6000 measures chlorophyll α fluorescence. Measured fluorescence emission is excited by a set of light-emitting diodes that generate measuring flashes of few microseconds in duration and low light intensity; the photochemistry is driven by single-turnover flashes or by continuous actinic irradiance. Chlorophyll α fluorescence is detected by a PIN photodiode and digitized by a 16-bit A/D converter.

Algae Online Monitor (AOM) is a portable and robust device for online detection and continuous monitoring of photosynthetic microorganisms in both natural and artificial water bodies. It detects variety of cyanobacteria, green and brown algae, diatoms, and other microbes.

Fluorocams are the camera system designed for time resolved chlorophyll fluorescence imaging of leaves, small plants, leaf segments, mosses, lichens, seeds, roots, tissues on plates or algal colonies both in a field and laboratory. GFP Cam are the one which in addition to Chlorophyll fluorosecence and GFP imaging.

PSI has both handy as well as closed Fluorocams as well as GFP cams.

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