Algae Research

Cultivation of algae and it’s monitoring from lab scale to production scale, PSI has the solution.

Aquapen is a lightweight hand-held PAM fluorometer that is convenient for quick, reliable and easily repeatable measurements of photosynthetic parameters in both algal and cyanobacterial suspensions. With two of its variants it can measure as probe based device or as an spectrophotometer with cuvette for holding sample. It can be used for analyzing samples in pond, Incubator or Bioreactor or any other natural water bodies to analyze the growth of algae.

AlgaeTron is a floor standing incubated shaker with minimum footprint size – yet with independently illuminated spaces for comfortable growing of algae and cyanobacteria in controlled conditions. Programmable parameters are: timing, light intensity, light characteristics, temperature, and shaking power. It has two variants – Algaetron 130 with single independently illuminated chamber and Algaetron 230 with three independent illuminate space.

Multi-Cultivator is intended for small-scale screening experiments of phototrophic organisms as algae, cyanobacteria and plant cells. Also other microorganisms, for example heterotrophic bacteria and yeast grown in suspension, may enjoy this type of cultivator. The special design of the instrument allows to run fast comparison studies of various organisms, mutants or cultivation conditions. Here in one experimental set up one can have 8 sample running with different light environment.

Flat Photobioreactor:
These are the unique Flat vessel photobioreactor that gives better yield than conventional round bottom photobioreactor. Flat Photobioreactors feature a combination of the bench-top cultivator and computer-controlled monitoring device. The product line comprises three instruments that differ in the cultivation vessel capacity – 400 ml, 1 and 3 liter. All Photobioreactor models may be supplied with a number of useful accessories that facilitate to meet wide range of special experimental conditions. These lab scale photbioreactor can be scaled up to 25 liter to 100 liter photo bioreactor for mass production.

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