LN2 Container

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Storage solution for Biological samples:

Biostor are the stainless steel open dewars which are suitable for being cold trap or immersion or temporary storage of LN2 gas. It has mini series of capacity from 0.6 liter to 5.5 liter and Maxi series of capacity from 16 liter to 66 liter.

Biorack series of refrigerator are ultra low loss solution for storage of biological samples in cryobox, 96 well plate, tubes, vials etc. Racking systems housed within these ultra-low loss cryogenic refrigerators enable users to store large quantities of Biomedical material over long periods of time, safe in the knowledge that storage temperatures even in the vapour phase, will be below-190°C. The capacity ranges from 750 to 6000 vials of 2 ml capacity.

Bioseries are the Refrigerators with internal canisters for the storage of straws or cryovials on canes. These further are placed in the small canisters with numbered index location. These unit have high thermal efficiency with ultra low evaporation loss with a capacity from 2 liter to 35 liter.

Biosystem are the large scale LN2 refrigerator for biological sample upto 98000 vials. It is completely automated system with microprocessor control system and option of automatic top up of LN2. It can store sample in both liquid or vapour state.

Biotrek series storage units are transportable dry-shippers for the safe movement of valuable samples at near LN2 temperature. It confirms the IATA shipping regulation 202.


Storage solution for LN2 gas:

Cryolab series are the ideal solution for storage of small to medium capacity LN2 with a provision for dispensing of gas from higher capacity to lower capacity unit. These unit have very high thermal efficiency and are made up for light weight aluminium material.

Cryostar is the stainless steel self-pressurising dewars for storage and dispensing liquid nitrogen. These dewars are meant for storage of high capacity LN2 gas ranging from 30 liters to 500 liter capacity. It has the automatic dispensing system which can fill the gas from smaller vessel to larger vessels.

Helistar is the stainless steel Liquid Helium Dewars for Storage and Transport.

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