Glassware Washer

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Glassware Washer and Dryer are the one of the most lab essential product that helps in cleaning the lab glassware and labware in more efficient and cost effective way as consume less water and man hours compared to manual cleaning of lab glassware and labwares. Based on the type of glassware being used more in the lab one can select the appropriate glassware washer and dryer.

Labconco Flask Scrubber Glassware washer are suitable for the narrow mouth glassware like volumetric flask and other general purpose lab utensils. Here the cleaning and drying is done through Spindles. Detergent waters are forced through spindle to carry out the deep cleaning and forced air drying of the glassware. Here you can have the lower spindle rack to accommodate the narrow neck glassware and some of the specialized inserts for general purpose glassware. Optionally you can also have the upper standard/spindle rack for general glassware to increase the capacity or a lower standard rack instead of spindle rack.

Labconco Flask Scrubber Vantage Series Glassware washer are the specialized GMP model which are used in contamination sensitive research. These are the like standard Flask Scrubber model except that “Fully Programmable” and with viewing window with automatic system for detergent dispensing facility.

Labconco Steam Scrubber Glassware Washer are generally used for wide mouth glassware and general labware like bottle, petri plates etc. It generally accommodated two standard rack being one at the top and one at bottom to accommodate large number and variety of glassware and labwares. However options are there to replace these standard rack with spindle rack. But in this model forced air drying facility is not available.

ScrubAir Pipette washer and dryer are the excellent alternative for conventional siphoning way of pipette washing where large number of pipette are being used. Compared to conventional method it uses 98% of less water and 95% of less time to clean and dry the pipettes. It is completely programmable control with delayed start option. Fast and thorough cleaning with percolating action.

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