PCR Machine

Eppendorf PCR cyclers are world’s one of the best PCR Cycler system which offers flexibility of working with any other make PCR consumables. There are basically three model with multiple variants for cyclers.

Eppendorf Matecycler Nexus is one of the most flexible system which offers to work with range of capacity starting from 0.2 ml to 96 well formats. Various vessels type of different capacity can be used on the same machine without buying additional block.

Eppendorf Mastercycler Nexus X2 gives you the ability to run two independent protocols at the same time. It has standard two block system – one smaller and one larger block. Smaller can accommodate upto 32 well block and larger can accommodate upto 64 well block.

Eppendorf Mastercycler X50 is and ideal machine to work on simple as well as advance application with a ramp rate upto 10 °C/s. This model has the capacity of high throughput by connecting upto 50 unit of this model to a central screen and control system.

PCR Accessories & Consumables includes the various items like Heat sealer, PCR cooler, PCR Plates, PCR Films and foils, PCR tubes (Eppendorf tubes), PCR cap strips and Fast PCR tube strips.

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