Stability / Photo Stability Chamber

CARON’s Stability/Photostability Chambers are best in class as it not only meet but Exceeds the guidelines of ICH Q1A. Optional clean room ready chambers offer a good control of Temp and Humidity at both higher and lower limits.

It has optional gRod Refrigeration system and gVapour heatless Humidity control system to make the chamber suitable for any application be it Drug stability, product /material stability and saves energy by reducing heat load.

Photostability chambers has LED panel to study the photostability of drug/product/materials as per the ICH guidelines.

A wide range of portfolio in terms of capacity 283L, 708L, 934L, 1416L & 2124L makes it useful from basic requirement to high volume loads.

White Paper on Rapid and Repeatability Photostability as per ICH Q1B Guidelines: Click Here

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