UV-Visible and Visible Spectrophotometer

UV-Visible and Visible Spectrophotometer:

Meet your analytical challenges with our complete line of ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometers. Our award-winning designs and user-friendly software help you quantify, assess purity, and more. Rely on industry-tested solutions for the education, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, and basic research communities.

Spectronics Visible Spectrophotometer are the single beam machine suitable to measure in visible range of spectrum.

Genesys UV-Vis are the Dual beam Spectrophotometer where the both the beam originate from same source and a rugged machine which give precise result and last for long.

Evolution UV- Vis Spectrophotometer is the true double beam spectrophotometer for better result and preciseness.

Nanodrop UV-Vis spectrophotometer are the UV-Vis range of spectrophotometer which can quantify the sample in micro volume range.

Multiskan Microplate Spectrophotometer are the UV-Vis spectrum instrument which can measure in multiple format: Cuvettes, 96 well plate, 384 well plates, ┬ÁDrop plate etc.

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