Wally CO2 Incubator

CARON’s Wally family is one of its kind CO2 Incubator with revolutionary slim design saves valuable floor space and guarantees all volume space is being used unlike conventional cubic model CO2 Incubator.

Wally Family offers CO2 Incubator with Patented Gel Jacket Insulation for better temperature maintenance without compromising on contamination. While in process assured culture quality is maintained with ISO5 air filtration and an optional 2 Hours Dry H2O2 Chamber Sterilization/ Decontamination with 12 log sterilization for periodic sterilization/Decontamination.

Additionally Wally also offers conventional Air jacketed model.

The other benefits of wally CO2 Incubators are touch screen model, hands free door opening, optional precise Humidity Control, optional Tri gas Incubator etc.

It can also be kept as dual stack, Quard Stack or hanged in wall like a cabinet or framed inside the wall.

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