LED Panel and Growth Chamber

To grow plants under controlled environment light sources is a key parameter. PSI manufactures LED panels with controller and host of Growth chambers for controlled growth of plants.

LED Panels:
LED Lights are arrays of high-performance light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are easily controllable in timing (from microseconds to hours) and intensity (from 1 % to 100 % of total output). If supplemented with the Light Controller LC 100 or Light Studio software, they can operate in multiple regimes: flash, continuous light, harmonically modulated light, or they can work with user-defined modulation. Both the Light Controller LC 100 and Light Studio software offer the possibility to create user-defined protocols with light/dark phases and precise control over the light mode, intensity and timing. Different LED Lights SL 3500 models vary in the panel size that determines illuminated area and in light color (from UVA to IR).
PSI offers small size LED panels for growing small plants and large panels to be used in Growth chambers or to make customized walk in chamber and LED bars for specialized application.

Growth Chamber:
Growth chambers provides defined environment for controlled plant growing. They are manufactured in several versions that differ in size – from small, space-saving models to large, step-in or walk-in units. PSI all growth chambers are equipped with a programmable controller that enables customers to create programs and to automate changes to operating parameters – timing, light, temperature, and, humidity. A full range of “day/night” cycles with “dawn/dusk” and “cloudy sky” effects can be programmed. They may be used for growing of diverse plants: from Arabidopsis to wheat, corn or rice. For user convenience both actual inside conditions and target values for temperature, lighting and relative humidity are permanently displayed on the touch screen controller, which is conveniently situated on the front side of the growth chamber.

Various format of these growth chambers are small incubator modelled vertical Fytoscopes 130 and horizontal chest freezer type Fytoscope 360.

Growth Capsule is a unique system of plant growth chambers located in the container. Growth Capsule utilizes Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as a sole light source and thus provides excellent spectral quality with high irradiance for plant physiology applications. Perfect controlled conditions allowed to cultivate wide range of plant species or tissue cultures.

Cultivation Shelves are manufactured with LED-based illumination and they serve for controlled cultivation of plants. Cultivation Shelves are usually equipped with white and FAR LEDs.The system consists of illuminated shelves (maximum is 8 shelves in one unit) and the control unit Light Controller LC 200. One Light Controller can in parallel control up to 16 Cultivation Shelves. Light Controller enables full light control in intensity, modulation and timing.

Growth Units serve for precisely controlled plant cultivation and comparison studies. Growth Units are primarily intended for placement in climatized chamber (not part of Growth Unit), where a large number of them are located and controlled via programmable logic controller (PLC). The Growth Units arrangement enables multiple experimental setups in one cultivation space. Every single Growth Unit offers possibility of different light and temperature regime, which makes them very suitable for multiple or parallel experiments.

Reach-in FytoScope FS-RI 1600 is a plant growth chamber that utilizes Light Emiting Diodes (LEDs) as a sole light source. Reach-in FytoScope FS-RI 1600 enables the researcher to maintain controlled growing conditions of temperature and humidity with independent selection of photoperiods. Multifaceted programming options enable researchers to simulate natural conditions.
The extended version of Reach in Fytoscope are Step in Fytoscope and walk in Fytoscope for cultivation of plants under controlled environment in large scale.

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